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WebView Scheduling problems

I cannot get the scheduling reporting to work. The regular reporting with real time and historical works fine. I get in the JobScheduler.log file the following error :

HttpSendRequest failed: Last Error code =12029 1-11-2008 13:9:1 6128 CreateReport.exe Could not open URL http://LOCALHOST/servlet/PServlet?JobTrackID={C25E3304-6D54-4AE2-86B8-3D6D9E051920}&TokenVal=2533046544&cmd=file&un=RDS_PATRIK&format=csv^CSV&instance=dbs

I'm trying this local on the webview server. When i do this on my client pc it offcours changes http://localhost to http://ipadress. I have one possible explanation on why it's complaining about the url and that could be that we have all IPCC servers 13 of them located on a security zone with firewall openings and for us to be able to connect to the webview server we need to add :8080 after the host or ip adress for it to accept the request but this port is not in the log file. Could this be the problem and if so how can i "fix" this so that webview scheduler gets the :8080 also in the url?


Re: WebView Scheduling problems

Try BUG - CSCsb06606

Use the SSL Encryption Utility (c:\icm\bin\sslutil.exe) to set the encryption level for the WebView instance to either no SSL, or SSL for authentication only.

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