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Webview Skill group vs Call Type help

So been a long time since I had to go through these and explain, once again, about reporting and how it works. The issue is the business is running the skill group and agent reports which of course dont match up to the call type reports.

I have all the wonderful Cisco docs, is there an easy way to explain why there are more calls on the SG and Agent reports than on the CT? I know some of the reasons are RONA calls, but how to transfers in/out and other fields affect the SG reports? Normally I would talk to TAC (who usually start by giving the link to the webview docs) and look through through all the docs but I'm pressed for time this week and need a simple business friendly answer. Any help will be appreciated if not no big deal, I'll get it figured out.



ICM 7.5.X

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Re: Webview Skill group vs Call Type help

Assuming the call type you are reporting on is accurately located in the script (that is, it's after any calls are peeled off for holidays, emergencies, weekends or out of hours) just before the Q2SG node, and assuming you don't change the call type afterwards (for RONA) and assuming that you understand the impact of things like "press 1 to leave a voice mail" while in queue:

*** the call type reports accurately measure the customer experience.

You will get accurate counts of offered, abandoned, answered. You will get the service level. You will get the ASA. These are the benchmarks and no other report can override these numbers.

Skill Group reports and Agent reports should be used for measuring the agent performance - average talk time, number of transfers, adherence and so on.

On the subject of RONA and call types - if you are changing the call type to count RONA, they appear in "Flow Out" on the queuing call type report and are not collated. If you don't do that, they will be in the "Other" (along with Short Calls) and will be collated.



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Re: Webview Skill group vs Call Type help

Built exactly to those standards... Your wording is what I was looking for. Most of the contact center managers were trained by other managers who we trained, so they basically have no experience and then try to interpret stuff differently or make up their own idea of how the system actually works. That's where we have issues and every once and awhile I need to go back and re-explain for the nth time.


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Paul hello! What was Сisco

Paul hello! What was Сisco TAC response about reasons ? Thanks a lot!



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Re: Webview Skill group vs Call Type help

So is there a way to compare SG and CT reports? The question being asked is that there are far more offered/handled in the SG reports than on the CT. What are the variables that can affect the difference in numbers? Does this make sense?

Re: Webview Skill group vs Call Type help

As far as offered calls, a call will be marked as offered once for each skill group it is queued or routed to, and once for each call type the call traverses in a script. You have to be very careful comparing this stat across skill groups and call types as you are not comparing apples to apples.

For example, let's say you have a single queue with multiple skill groups. That call will count once against the queuing call type, and once against each of the skill groups. If you add up all the calls offered on skill groups, you will end up with more offered on the skill groups than on the call type.

As another example, let's say a call passes through several call types before being routed to a single skill group. That call will count as offered once on each of the call types, and once on the skill group. If you add up all the calls offered on these call types, you will end up with more offered on the call types than on the skill group.

In other words, there is no general rule about how calls offered will add up. You need to take into account how your scripting environment is setup. In some cases - like when queuing to multiple skills - there is no clean way to compare the two. You use one or the other depending on whether you are tracking stats from a caller's perspective or from a skill group management perspective.

As far as handled calls, these generally should add up, a call will be marked as handled on only one skill group and only one call type. However, make sure you are not including the default skill group when you make this comparison. The default skill group is counted against when calls are made without invoking skill group routing, such as direct agent dials or transfers. These would count against the default skill group but not against any call type. I've also seen some bugs where there is a mismatch with the number of calls handled between skill group and call type. If you are certain that the mismatch cannot be explained by direct agent transfers or scripting discrepancies, you may want to try opening a TAC case.

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Re: Webview Skill group vs Call Type help

Thanks, every bit helps. I understand it for the most part, it’s the translation from engineer speak to business supervisor. Thanks and I have a TAC case open also so I'll see what they send back.

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