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wha hang up the line

I have IPCC 7.1 with CVP 3.1 CCM 4.2.3, the call center department is asking me for a way to know who hangup the call is it the customer or the agent and if the agent which agent, and how many times, but when I looked at the abandoned ring definision it says that it could be the agent ot the caller who hangup the line befor the call is answered, so I need a way to know and which report, please advice.


Re: wha hang up the line

You are misreading this. By definition, "abandon ringing" is the caller dropping while the call is ringing at the phone to which the Call Router sent the call. Auto-answer would stop this cold.

Now if you are asking, for all the calls where an agent and customer speak to each other, what percentage represent the customer dropping and what percentage represent the agent dropping, I have no idea.

Is this even recorded in the TCD? One moment ... I don't think so. There is a disposition "52 = Called Party Disconnected" but it's not implemented.

My guess is you cannot do this.

If you had a custom CTIOS you could possibly program around the Drop button to first insert something in a PV and then drop, but that's a lot of work, is it not?

At many call centers it is polite to wait for the customer to drop. At very busy call centers, a few seconds can be saved by getting the agent to drop the call when they are sure the customer has finished.

Can I ask the reason the call center department want to know. They could just ask the agents for a rough count.



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Re: wha hang up the line

Hi. suppose, the call center authority receive a coplaint that agents are dropping without answering properly. is there any way to find out which agent droping or customer is droping the call? The supervisor can monitor the call? is it possible to monitor all the agents call so that we can catch hold of agents? what is the impact if we start monitoring all the agent call at a time?

pls explain.



Re: wha hang up the line

This is not really my field. But yes, monitoring, recording, mentoring, training, small teams, close supervision, reporting tools, workforce management, walking around etc. All these things can be used.



Re: wha hang up the line

Another thing you can look at is to check the agents talk time. If one agent has answered as many calls as all the other agents, but has a talk time significantly less, then you probably have your culprit right there. However, for a better idea I would use monitoring like Geoff suggested.


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