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What Causes the Variable Assignments in DB Get Step to Disappear?

I'm doing about eight variable assignments in my DB Get step in the Field Selection tab.

It seems that every time I hit OK and then go back  into it and look at the Field selection again, all of my variable  assignments seem to disappear and then I have to set them again.

What exactly causes this?

I can verify that my DB Read step does return at least one row when testing it with an example value.

It's  frustrating when you set all those variable assignments and then have  to do them again because they get completely wiped out after hitting OK.

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Has anyone ever found a fix

Has anyone ever found a fix for this? It has been annoying me for years, but now I am working on a new very DB intensive script and it is getting impossible to deal with. I am using uccx and of course the customer does not have support :(

Hi,can you please tell me the


can you please tell me the type and version of the database server plus the data types of the columns (DDL).


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Gregely,In this case I am


In this case I am connecting to an SQL 2008 database, all data types are either String or INT. However, I have had this same issue with Oracle, on other UCCX servers, and on other SQL servers. I do not recall having the problem with UCCX 7.X and below it just seems to have started with 8.X



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same issue on our dev system

same issue on our dev system.

cannot get the step to take any data.


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I think I may have found kind

I think I may have found kind of a work around

  1. Click Save
  2. Open DB Get Step and add 1 Field Selection
  3. Press Apply
  4. Press OK
  5. Select tools, Validate
  6. If validation succeeds, click Save
  7. Open DB Get Step and add 1 more Field Selection
  8. Press Apply
  9. Press OK
  10. Select tools, Validate
  11. If validation succeeds, click Save. If validation fails, close the script and re-open it
  12. Repeat for each field selection
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