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What type of Caller information is passed through for IPCC Enterprise?

Hello, we're trying to get all of the following information for calls that are coming through to our Toll Free lines from within our ICM scripts:

1) Calling Line ID

2) Dialled Number

If we look at our Gateway traces, we can see the Calling Line ID, the Caller Name and the Local Terminating Number that is associated with that Toll Free.

For example, the Calling Line ID would be something like 5199745388, the Caller Name would be Smith, John and the Local TN would be something like 5199747885 (we actually dialled the Toll Free but it shows the local TN that is associated with that Toll Free instead)

But, when I look at the

Termination_Call_Detail database for that call, all it shows is the Calling Line ID and DNIS (Dialled Number), but the DNIS is actually the Route Point that the Local Terminating Number is associated with. This same information is passed to our CAD agents as ANI and DNIS.

Is this how this works, or should the actual Dialled Number be passed to ICM instead of the Rout Point?

The reason I'm asking is because if we can determine which Toll Free number callers are calling in on, then we can send all of our Toll Frees to the same local terminating number, then have the ICM script handle setting the appropriate CallType depending on what number they dialled.

Currently we have a 1-to-1 relationship between toll frees and local TNs so that each can have it's own CallType for reporting purposes.

Does anyone have any help or ideas on this? I would greatly appreciate it.


Joe Mattia

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Re: What type of Caller information is passed through for IPCC E

Actually it is working as it is supposed to work. What u can do is set a peripheral variable in the script to the toll free number. You can create a database of all the dialed number/RP and toll free numbers. In your script check DNIS against this database for return on 800 number and then set the value of Peripheral variable to 800 toll free number.

Other option is to use DN node to check the DN and then set the Peripheral variable. Though the second option will be difficult as needs lot of DN nodes if u got too many 800 numbers.

I hope it helps

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Re: What type of Caller information is passed through for IPCC E

So, UCCE actually passes the Route Point as the DNIS? So if we went and sent all of say 10 of our toll frees to the same local TN which has a unique Route Point, then the script would not know which Toll Free the caller dialled from that one RP, correct?

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