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what variable is driving queue time

yes, im sure its a stupid question but what variable/counter drives queue time...the displayed csq goes to the next after 1 minute...and im having a cramp as to what,rona TO??, is driving it.

any thoughts would be apprciated.



Re: what variable is driving queue time

Your question isn't really clear.

In the screen shot you provided, the variable ronaTimeout is how long it will ring at an agent's phone before executing a RONA action.

In IPCC Express, RONA will mark the agent as not ready (by default, can be adjusted), and then put the call back in the queue.  If another agent is available, it will go to the next available agent.

If this doesn't answer your question, please try to clarify.

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Re: what variable is driving queue time


Thank you. that clears that piece up. i am assuming that this piece of the script drives the queue time??? maybe not. looking through the manual it seems like all examples i see reference a delay step. i dont see one in mine. i know its a minute though via testing. i see the queue delay variable is set to 30, but in my screenshot i see nothing that increments in 2...i will post the script Friday as i am out today. but i really appreciate the help!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Re: what variable is driving queue time

I still don't really understand where you are attempting to go with this.

There really is nothing that drives "queue time" (and I've never heard that expression before) other than how long the call sits in the queue. It STAYS in the queue until (1) answered, (2) abandoned or (3) your script does something else with it.

What would you like to accomplish? When you post the script, include the details of what you want to do and we'll see if we can get you there.


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Re: what variable is driving queue time


My bad. queue time before going to another CSQ...Thats what i am looking to change.

Re: what variable is driving queue time

Ok....I see.  That's quite the big honking script you have there.  Let's use a much smaller example.

If you'll look in the attached script, I created a very simple answer the phone, queue the call, put the call on hold in the queue (gets MOH that way), and then loop in the queue.

I added a loop counter, and after 3 loops (1 minute 30 seconds based on my DelayWhileQueued setting variable), it will jump out, dequeue the call, and then requeue it to a different queue.  There is no "delay in the queue" timer per say, but you can use this logic to create one if you feel you need it.

You really do not want it queued to multiple queues at the same time.  Make sure you dequeue the call from the first queue before putting it into another one.

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Re: what variable is driving queue time


Ya, its a wee bit too big for my comfort level as well. I guess thats were i was getting confused, as the manual examples all show a "delay" step in the scripts for overflow queing. and although i do not see one in my script,  under all others- if csq primary, i have an overflow group set, and it overflows after 1 minute..and i am still confused as to where it gets that from. i see the delaywhileque value, but no incremental values in the select resource settings, i do see a quecounter, but i believe that to be number of calls in que... but after 1 minute it will go to the next CSQ...strange and confusing..i shallcontinue on..

I do very much apprciate your assistance!!!

Thank you

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