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Where to look for ICM Logs

Last week one of the T1 line on the private netwok for our peripheral gateways went down for about 10 minutes.  Around the same time of the outage all agent active calls and CTIOS connections were disconnected and CEM had stopped working.  The agents were able to log back in to CTIOS and take calls after about 10 minutes or so.  So my questions are:

- Did the private network outage cause the agents active calls, CTIOS, and CEM outage?

- Which ICM log(s) can I look at to see if the line outage co-relates with the agents calls, CTIOS, and CEM outage?

According to the design documents the private network outage should not impact active calls or services. We are running CM 4.1 and ICM 7.2.7 versions.

Any info is appreciated.


Re: Where to look for ICM Logs

The private network failing should not knock out anything, check the PIM logs in the pg, do an opctest to see when the last time there was a state change.  Are you sure that there was no failure on your public network at the same time?  Do you actually have a private network which is completely segregated from your public network?


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Re: Where to look for ICM Logs

Thanks for the response David.

The private network is completely separate from our public network.  No known outages on the public network.  We would have also received alarms if there was an outage.

How can I do an opctest?  Which pim log file(s) should I pull from the pg?  Sorry, I'm not an expert on IPCC/UCCE.


Re: Where to look for ICM Logs

You need to do a test outside business hours. Disconnect the private connection from the NIC on the server and test similar scenarios as to what you experienced. This should not have an effect on call processing, and if it does, the config is wrong. You need to find out - sooner, rather than later.

Check through the system test plan from the original integrator and examine the redundancy section.



Re: Where to look for ICM Logs


You're going to have to do a lot of reading if you really want to make sense of the ICM logs.  Start off by googling opctest, then look up icm troubleshooting, you should see the pim logs for the ucm.


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