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WIM webchat referring URL

HI all,

I have deployed Wechat for a customer and now I am trying to enhance its capabilities so that when a customer clicks the webchat button, the referring URL (page that they were on) is sent with the webcaht request as a custom data filed that ist hen displayed to the agent.  This will allow the agent to know which page the customer was on when initiatng the webchat.

Futher down the track when i implement calback, this info could be used to target the correct skill group for a callback call.

Has anyone configured this i the EIM/WIM product ?

any help appreciated.


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Hey Darren,

Hey Darren, I noticed that the entry point already passes the referURL as the end bit of the chat window. For example: http://CIMServer/system/templates/chat/sunburst/chat.html?subActivity=Delayedcallback&entryPointId=1003&templateName=sunburst&languageCode=en&countryCode=US&ver=v11&eglvrefname=&null&referer=file%3A%2F%2F%2FC%3A%2FDocuments%2520and%2520Settings%2FUse... I'm assuming you could probably create a custom attribute and within the chat.html page inside the template folder add in the variable that grabs the document location. var refererurl = encodeURIComponent(document.location.href); The variable would need to be edited before being passed through and attached to the custom attribute, removing anything prior to the referer= etc. Hopefully that's of some help. Karen
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Sorry about the format - no

Sorry about the format - no idea whats happened - appears replies cant be formatted in a user friendly manner anymore. Karen
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Thanks Karen, will give it a

Thanks Karen, will give it a go..
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