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Windows patching for UCCE 7.2 and IVR

Just a general question concerning patching windows servers. We are running Windows server 2003 for our UCCE and IVR. Does everyone patch their servers when microsoft releases new patches or how is that done? Fairly new to using UCCE and IVR so I don't want to cause any issues as the system is running pretty smoothly.


Re: Windows patching for UCCE 7.2 and IVR

Cisco releases OS updates for IP IVR as well as UCM. As for UCCE, go through the patches that were released on Tuesday and apply those you or MS deem critical. My recommendation is only patch one side at a time, if the patched side starts to misbehave you know what's a possible culprit.


New Member

Re: Windows patching for UCCE 7.2 and IVR

How does the Cisco Impact Assessment figure into the process. It was my understanding that Cisco reviewed the Microsoft patches and then only suggested applying the ones listed in the Impact Assessment as "Impacting". Am I correct in that?

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