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Work Flow: HTTP & Macro actions together?

I need to create several screen pops when an agent answers a call.  I have 3 tabs in the integrated browser of CAD v8.  Using the Answered Event, I created three HTTP actions that bring up the appropriate websites.  But some of the applications don't support receiving CTI data via the URL.  So I can't use HTTP Actions to pass my enterprise data. So I was thinking I would use a macro to paste in the variables into my forms.

But I can't seem to direct the macro to a particular browser tab within CAD.  The documentation says to select the window you want the macro to execute in.  But that simply makes it [APPLICATION:AGENT_DESKTOP=READY - CISCO AGENT DESKTOP].

How can I get enterprise data pasted into form fields within browser tabs of CAD?


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Re: Work Flow: HTTP & Macro actions together?


Most web apps either use URL encoding as you've tried (i.e. a GET request) or a POST request (i.e. embedding the parameters in the body of the request rather than the URL). If you aren't using SSL to the problem app (or you can turn it off) try using it normally but capturing it with a wireshark type app and see if you can see what is requested when you manually do what you want to automate.

According to the CAD user guide there aren't many shortcuts available for use with macros:




In the Integrated Browser, cycles through browser tabs.


Sets the focus to the current browser tab.

It looks like you may struggle to select the correct browser window for macro purposes. You could alternatively launch the problem app in another browser (firefox, IE, whatever) as then you could at least (more) easily identify the correct window...



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Re: Work Flow: HTTP & Macro actions together?

Thanks Aaron, that's exactly the problem.  If CAD gave us shortcuts to reference particular browser tabs, I would be all set (like Ctrl-Shift-1, Ctrl-Shift-2).

For using external IE windows -- that's what I'm testing now, but I find it a bit clunky.  The user needs to already be logged in and on the right page.  And I'm having trouble making sure the focus is in the correct form box.

Using HTTP Post Actions seems interesting, but I'm having trouble there too.  I used the firefox dev plugin to show me all the form data fields.  I then created a CAD HTTP post action.  But I'm just getting HTTP 400 errors.  One of the things I wasn't sure about is the actual form ID, name, action.  The form elements are simple to recreate in CAD as Request Data fields.  But the actual form action -- I don't need to specify the ID or Name?  And the action is just the URL for the post?  For example here's my form:

ID: searchForm

Name: searchForm

Method: post

Action: http://servername/url.jsp

And the CDA guide doesn't give much detail on posts.


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