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Work Flow play prompt before/during agent answer.

I have read a couple of other posts asking about similar requests but wanted some clarifcation.

I want to play a prompt right when the agent answers the call.  A prompt would be something like "Welcome to Company X, how may I direct your call"  Saving the agent from having to say that intro every time.  From what I gather it would be difficult to do this from a scripting standpoint because UCCX froma timing standpoint.  So the solution I think would be to perform a Work Flow action.  Assuming this is the best approach can someone elaborate on how to accomplish this exactly with the Desktop Admin Workflow Action.  I glanced at it but was not sure.

UCCX 7.0.1 SR05 Enhanced.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Work Flow play prompt before/during agent answer.

Not entirely sure if you could do this with workflows or not. If so you would only be able to do it with IP Communicator and only if you could redirect a wav output to the mic input in windows or somthing. Maybe have a play around with soundrec32 and switches to pass to it... I think you could still do it in the IVR if you want to do it that way by playing the prompt in the selected branch before you route the call but make sure to enable auto answer for the agents as you want the gap between the prompt playing and the agent answering to be as minimal as possible.




Re: Work Flow play prompt before/during agent answer.

There are a number of names for this feature, but almost everyone refers to it as "Agent Greeting".

If you search here you will find posts on how to try to do this with complex systems like CVP, and how to so it with UCCX - which is easy.

I'm not a UCCX expert, but I've read the posts here on the subject and I have seen colleague's scripts that accomplish the task.

In the Select Resource step, uncheck the "Connect" box so it does not immediately connect. Now you insert your greeting steps, and then the Connect step.

A search here should find more info. Like many questions that keep popping up, this one has been answered.




Re: Work Flow play prompt before/during agent answer.

Geoff, much appreciated.

I guess I had written that solution off in my head because I was worried that the prompt would play and the agent might not pickup at all for whatever reasons.  Or the greeting might play and then a slight delay before the agent picks up.  I will create a script and play with the Connect Step.



Re: Work Flow play prompt before/during agent answer.

I thought I would share my solution:


I had a request for a UCCX 7.0(1) Enhanced solution for an Operator.  The customer needed the ability to answer the call and then automatically play a greeting like “Welcome to Company X, how may I direct your call?”  This is commonly known as “Agent Greeting” and would often times save them from having to say anything. 


One solution states that this can be done from the scripting configuration below:

---->Select Resource (*Uncheck Connect)


      ---------------->Play Prompt



However, I find that this doesn’t work well because depending on how fast or slow the operator picks up the caller may hear the agent greeting and then Network MOH while the call is still being transferred or worst case scenario the caller hears the agent welcome greeting but the operator does not pick up and the call is re-queued.


·         Created another script that plays a prompt “Welcome to Company X, how may I direct your call?”, then terminates the script. 

·         Create an application trigger and in this example the DN is 8676.

·         In the desktop administrator created an additional Workflow Group called Operator and place the operator agent in it.

·         Created a voice contact workflow and used an action called BlindConference found under Call Control that can be invoked upon agent answer which conferences in Extension 8676.

A caveat that the customer may or may not be willing to live with is that the caller hears an announcement tone when the conference is initiated and terminated.  If they do not want the caller to hear this tone the Service Parameter below can be disabled.  However, this is a cluster wide setting and will disable the announcement tone on all conference calls.

Service Parameter Description:

Party Entrance Tone: This parameter determines whether a tone will play when a party joins or exits a call with more than two parties. The following features play a tone based on this parameter: Barge, cBarge, Conference, Join, and Meet-Me conference. Only those device types that have a builtin bridge, such as the Cisco IP Phone models 7940, 7960, and newer, can play a tone to all parties. When the controlling device is no longer present in the call or lacks the capability, the tone does not play to all parties even if this parameter is set to True. Valid values specify True (play tone) or False (do not play tone).   This is a required field.   Default:  True


Re: Work Flow play prompt before/during agent answer.

Thank you Shane. The way you did it is the same way we do it with CVP. We first did it with a custom CTIOS Agent Desktop that automatically did a blind conference to play the agent greeting - different greetings for calls into different skill groups and languages.

Later we introduced a server component to do the greeting to solve some specific issues.



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