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Workflow Macro

Good Afternoon,


I'm having an issue getting a macro to work within Desktop Administrator for a test work flow i have setup. I have a need to force agents into Email Ready after each call. I was trying to achieve this by creating a macro via the Voice Contact Work Flow section in Desktop Work Flow Administrator.

I setup a voice contact work flow called "Agent Email", and under the Work event, i created a macro for the Action of that rule. Within the macro i recorded the steps to set focus on the Agent Desktop application and send keystrokes [CONTROL] [SHIFT] W...which is the keyboard shortcut for Email Ready state.

Am i going about this the wrong way? I am unfamiliar with any settings that would accomplish this and I'm not sure that my macro is using correct syntax.... I've tried different variations of the focus line for finding the Cisco Agent is below.






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Anyone have some experience

Anyone have some experience creating Macro's for CAD to invoke keystrokes? Or had a similar issue that i'm having? 


Was hoping there was a quick and easy answer to this perhaps due to something silly i was or wasn't doing correctly...

as far as i know the egain

as far as i know the egain product, there are no key strokes to to make agent available for email.

we are aslo in critical need of egain shorcuts,  but unfortunately there are no shortcuts.

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HiDid you see this note in


Did you see this note in the CAD manual?

NOTE: Do not use a Run Macro action to perform tasks that can be accomplished by one of the other types of actions available. For example, use a Call Control action to transfer a call, and an Agent State action to change agent states.

Looks like you may be out of luck...


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Hi Aaron, I did see the note

Hi Aaron,


I did see the note in the help file, however it appeared that Agent State Action only applied to the call state, and did not affect email state. I was hoping because of that, a macro could be setup to send the keystrokes. It doesn't appear to be working though, so i may have to settle for a reminder popup to agents about entering email ready state after calls. 

There really should be an option in UCCX for controlling email ready(auto available) like there is for calls.

I will continue to search for a means of doing this and will post a solution if i come across one, otherwise the department requesting this may end up using the notification popups instead.




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