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Wrap up codes Report in Webview

Is there any way to run a report on what Wrap up code was used at the end of a call? We are using Contact Center Enterprise 7.2. Thanks


Re: Wrap up codes Report in Webview

From WebView? In short - no.

Your first "mistake" is to think of it as a "wrap up" code. It's not a code.

I refer you to the 7.2(2) schema guide, page 357.

In the Termination_Call_Detail record there is a column called "WrapupData". This is of type varchar(40).

It's just a string. There is no associated code and no index (foreign key) to another table.

It's not as if what's recorded in the TCD is a number and this is a key to a table of "wrapup codes and associated data".

You may think it's like that, because you can configure these things at the GUI (CTIOS, CAD). But all you have at the end of the day is a free-form string in a very large table.

You could write custom SQL functions to dig this info out. As you can imagine, if you are trying to get counts on different wrapup data strings, this is going to be a very inefficient query. Cisco caution you about querying the TCDs on your HDS. You really need to offload to another DB.



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