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Wrap up time after Outbound call

We are running IPCC Enterprise 6.0 SR3.

We have a group of case workers that, after finishing an Inbound call, need to place between two and four Outbound calls. The average length of time required for their Wrapup, including these Outbound calls, is around 8 minutes.

With the Agent Desk Settings Wrap up time set to 480 seconds, they are getting their 8 minute wrap up--unless they make one of their Outbound calls. If they make an Outbound call, when they hang up, they are immediately placed back into Ready and get the next call. When this happens, they have to forward the customer to another agent so they can work on the case that is already open.

I'm assuming this behavior can be controlled, but I can't seem to figure out what I need to have set to allow them to get 8 minutes of wrapup, regardless of what they do in that time, unless they choose to go ready manually.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Wrap up time after Outbound call

You can set the value of 'work mode on outgoing' to 'Required' in Agent Desk Settings List of Configuration Manager

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Re: Wrap up time after Outbound call

Is this possible on IPCC 4.0(5)? If so please can someone direct me to the correct setting.



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