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Wrap up timer for work ready only in ICM

Hello,all. Is there a way to set a timer (time out) for UCCE CAD agent after call 'work ready' state but no timer for 'work not ready'? I know in Agent desk settings you could set that timer up for wrap up. However it seems to apply for both work ready and work not ready.  What we really want is to have the timer only set for work ready.  Agent can stay in 'work not ready' for as long as system allowed.

On CAD desktop administrator, there's the timer action but once it started you won't be able to get out of it. In other words if we set a timer in work ready state, and want to change state to 'ready' after that timer expires, then even agent has changed himself to 'not ready' before timer expired the timer seems to still continue and will force agent back from 'not ready' to 'ready' so this is still not working.

Any idea?

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