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Write document step using UNC path across subnets


We have several IVR apps that allow users to dial into and record employees messages that are then activated in ICM scripts and played during call flow.

We have a large system and use 4 IVRs that are not configured in clusters for load balancing reasons.

Users dial into any of the 4 IVRs (they are all listed in the VRU translation node in an ICM script) and it in turn plays the aef script to record the prompt and then write the prompt to a document located across all 4 IVRs using UNC paths. The administrator username and password are the same across all of the IVRs. This works fine on the IVRs that share the same subnet but when the script attempts to write to the IVRs on another subnet the write step fails and the log reports bad username or password.

I've attached the script.

Thanks in advance for any help


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