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The Software that came with my book does not work. CISCO CCENT / CCNA ICND1 by wendell odom

Hello this is my first post on cisco support and hope I can get some help. I recently purchased the book CISCO CCENT / CCNA ICND1 by wendell odom and when I used the CD to install the Pearson Practice exams, it does not work. I tried everything! It even asks for a activation code, which on the CD It says "Refer to the Activation Code Included in the DVD Sleeve when Registering Pearson IT Certification Practice Test Software"I don't see anything related to a Activation Code anywhere on the CD OR on the sleeve! So now I can't use that.


           The Network simulator Wendell odom uses in his videos is already outdated it seems and I can't get mine to work. Why? Because I bought this book in hopes of this being a beginner book and praying the person won't skip information to actually set up the book. So now the videos are useless because I can't connect because I have no idea how...

          The Network Simulator lite, wow 3/3 When giving me software to use. The Prompt command does not work, Only the enter key will work but when I try to put in a password I can't hit anything else but enter.

             I hope I can get help from a more official member as to seeing how I bought this book and I can read but whats really the point if I don't have the hands on training?

Cisco Employee

Keunepete,When I ordered my


When I ordered my books for the ICND1 and ICND2, they came with a CD in the back pocket (sleeve) of the book. Along with the CD was a thick piece of paper that had the activation code on it. It was a white, square piece of paper with big black print on it. Did you buy your book used? Was the CD sealed in the back pocket?


New Member

Keunepete, Did you get this

Keunepete, Did you get this worked out? I have moved on past the ICND1 Odom book and if it isn't against guidelines I could pass my code on to you. We both purchased the book so I don't see the problem if we share via private message, unless I'm mistaken?

New Member

Keunepete, did you ever get

Keunepete, did you ever get this working? My was working, then some time went by and I didn't get at it, I updated my laptop to Win 10 and now I am suppose to enter the code in again. Frustrating. It was a real nice simulator.

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