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What is your Visio replacement on MAC?


If u use MAC for networking stuffs. What is your replacement for MS Visio? Running vmware fusion or some alternative MAC applications?

I mainly use visio to create/update network topology diagrams. I read couple of application introductions online claiming to be visio replacement on MAC, however:

1. None of them say if the native visio stancil will work with them.

2. None of them say about saving diagram to vsd/vsdx files

What do you use and what is your experience with replacement APP on MAC? Will MS ever release visio for mac?


What is your Visio replacement on MAC?

There is a graph APP  called OmniGrafle for macs,  and like in visio , you need to look for stencils.  I started using this app resently so I am not fully familiar with its full capability in comparison with visio but it can do network diagrams . It is said is capable of importing visio  .vsd   in its newer versions.


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What is your Visio replacement on MAC?

Thanks, I trailed that APP for about a week...I hated it OR should I say I can not get use to it...Maybe I am stuck too deep in visio...I can not find any useful stencils...

Anyway, I kinda give up the idea of using Mac for work (at least for now). I use visio, onenote and vsphere dialy basis and none of them is available on Mac as of Feb 2014...

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What is your Visio replacement on MAC?

I use OmniGraffle on occasion, but still prefer MSFT Visio which I run in vmware fusion.


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What is your Visio replacement on MAC?

I was trying to use the similiar setup with fusion but I just can not get over the cumbersome...Hope next Office for Mac will have more content...

Actually, OmniGraffle does

Actually, OmniGraffle does import Visio stencils including Cisco's Visio stencils.  We worked with the OminiGraffle developers several years ago to advise them what was needed. 

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Cisco Visio Development

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Re: What is your Visio replacement on MAC?

Although this thread is a bit old, this is still a problem for Mac users as there's no version of Visio for it yet. I gave up on trying to run Windows and mac because there are now some very good alternatives to Visio for Mac. Almost all of them now import and export Visio files although not all import stencils but that's just a matter of time. Some of them are cloud based but with Office 365 and some of Visio now cloud based it doesn't really make much difference IMHO.

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