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Enhanced Transmission Selection v1.0.pdf


Data center bridging (DCB) refers to a set of enhancements to Ethernet local area networks for use in data center environments. Enhanced Transmission Selection specifies enhancement of transmission selection to support allocation of bandwidth amongst traffic classes. When the offered load in a traffic class doesn't use its allocated bandwidth, enhanced transmission selection will allow other traffic classes to use the available bandwidth. The bandwidth-allocation priorities will coexist with strict priorities. It will include managed objects to support bandwidth allocation.

It specifies two different technologies:

Queuing mechanisms in bridges.

Data Center Bridging eXchange protocol: a Control/Negotiation protocol that allows bridges and hosts to negotiate QoS parameters in a bridged network.

What You Will Learn

You will gain an understanding of the specifics regarding the Enhanced Transmission Selection standard (ETS), as defined by the IEEE committee. You will also be presented with some background information regarding established QoS mechanisms, which will help provide a contextualized and holistic view of how transmission selection has been addressed in the past. You will observe that ETS is the next logical step in the progression of data forwarding technology.

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Victor, another great paper. I haven't seen anything like this anywhere on the Internet. Thank you!