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Expand or Increase The Size of VMWare ESX Virtual Hard Disk



  • Virtual hard disk (10GB) on EXS server is full
  • Increased size of the hard drive to 30 GB for example via the VMWare Virtual Infrastructe client
  • Guest operating system still shows drive is full
  • Admin Tools --> Computer Management --> Disk Management shows 10 GB NTFS partition
  • There is an unallocated partition of 20GB availble
  • But this cannot be expanded by Windows 2003 on the fly
  • Or cannot be merged with the existing 10GB partition


Solution 1

  • This solution is valid for Windows 2003 and Windows XP
  • There is a command line utility called DISKPART that can expand the size of the volume of virtual hard drive.
  • This solution is little bit difficult so try to avoid it


Solution 2

  • This is based on Knoppix based utility called QTParted
  • This solution is little bit tricky as well


Solution 3

  • This is the method that worked easily and effectively for our lab environment needs
  • This is based on VMWARE free utility called VMConverter
  • You can install VMWare Converter Standalone Client on the VMWare Virtual Image itself
  • Run the tool and change the partition size


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