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Migrate WAAS appliance from one location to another




This document explains how to migrate a WAAS appliance from one geographic location to another and retaining the same policies configured. The WAAS system consists of a set of devices called wide area application engines (WAEs) that work together to optimize TCP traffic over your network. WAAS Central Manager GUI is used to centrally configure and monitor the WAEs and application policies in your network.


Core Issue

User needs to migrate an existing WAAS appliance from its current location to a new location and doesn't want to reconfigure the WAAS policies again at the new location. The policie remain same between the locations although the hostname and IP address of the WAAS appliance will change to reflect the new branch network.



Ideally you should be able to simply change the IP Address and preserve the entry in CM without following the above recovery procedure and when the re-sync happens between the WAE and the CM the new IP Address should automatically be updated. Make sure the IP Address and Hostname are not changed at the same time.

This process is fairly straight forward and requires recovering the WAAS device registration information from the CM. This is acheived by configuring the device as inactive and replaceable from the CM. Any particular device is identified by the CM using the device IP address and/or hostname. It is importanat that both of these are not changed at the same time in the device, otherwise the CM will not be able to identify the device. Follow these steps for doing the migration:


1) Mark on the CM the device as inactive and replaceable.

2) Move the device from one location to the other location.

3) Execute command "no cms enable" on the wae and change the IP address.

4) Execute command "cms recovery identity default" on the wae. At this point, the WAE tries to contact the CM and sends information to CM. The CM tries to find a WAE which is replaceable using IP address or hostname. If one them matches then it activates the replaceable device. If both of them doesn't match the recovery would fail and you will have to go for a fresh registration in which case you cannot retain the same policies

5) Execute command "cms enable" on wae. This will bring up the CMS service on the device.

6) Change the hostname of the device if required (optional).


For detailed steps on recovering WAAS device registration information click here.


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