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Power Fail Recovery Procedure for WAAS




The WAAS system consists of a set of devices called wide area application engines (WAEs) that work together to optimize TCP traffic over your network. If one WAE fails or experiences issues this reflects in overall system performence. Usually after a power loss, file corruptions can occur in these devices. All Unix/Linux flavor operating systems exhibit this type of behavior. Usually fsck command in Unix/Linux should correct any file systems but sometimes this is not a 100% fix. There are times when even fsck cannot fix file system corruptions.


Recover WAAS

To correct this situation, on your WAAS box, follow this two phase procedure:

Phase 1: Try restoring the box without reloading the software.

Phase 2: Use Rescue CD and re-image the box (we resort to this if Phase 1 fails).


For Phase 1 the steps are:


Step 1) Restore factory defaults on the WAAS box:

Log into CLI and issue the command: restore factory-default preserve basic

Step 2) After this, please log into the WAAS CM and select the device. In the device screen, deactivate the device and click on submit.

After the new screen populates, you will have a check box for marking the box replaceable. Select that check box and click submit.

Step 3) Then go to the WAAS CLI and issue the command:

cms recover identity default

Step 4) Now go back to the WAAS CM and then uncheck the replaceable check box and click activate check-box and click on submit.

Step 5) After this, go back to the WAAS CLI and issue these commands:

cms enable


wr mem


After this the box should come online. This process removes the current cache contents but there is no other way to recover the box.


Phase 2 has identical steps and is required if there is binary corruption from other areas due to sudden power failure. In this case we have use rescue CD and then follow the above Step 2 thru 5.


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