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Recovering from disabled HTTP and HTTPS services in UCS Manager

Dave Alexander is a UCS expert and trainer at Cisco and runs a brilliant UCS blog at < CHECK IT OUT!

He just posted a great tip that I thought needed to be syndicated here for support.  Great work, Dave, keep 'em comin'!

In order to allow for granular security control, UCS Manager allows you to disable individual services and protocols, in accordance with your policies or security goals.

Since HTTP/HTTPS are the primary methods of administering the system, and the command line is *not* a standard IOS or NXOS, how do you re-enable these protocols if they are inadvertently disabled?

Luckily for me, I got to test this out in a recent class.  :)

Gain access to the UCS Manager CLI, either through SSH/Telnet (if still enabled) or through the serial console.   Because all configuration options are stored as objects in the UCS Manager database, we need to adjust our scope to the System\Services layer.

ucsm-A # scope system
ucsm-A /system # scope services
ucsm-A /system/services # enable ?
  cimxml               Cimxml service
  http                 HTTP service
  https                HTTPS service
  telnet-server        Telnet service
ucsm-A /system/services # enable http
ucsm-A /system/services # enable https
ucsm-A /system/services #

That's it... welcome back.  :)

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