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STP0004: Upgrade UCS Core

When a new release of UCS code is released you need to do a few things in sequence, and add these all together you get something called "UCS Upgrade Standard Operating Procedure".  Here's what the summary of that SOP looks like:

  1. Be notified of the release :-)
  2. Read the Release Notes and work out If You Care (ie. is there a bug fix or feature you need?)
  3. Download the new code from the Internet into your Software Repository before loading it into UCSM.
  4. Apply the upgrade to the Core Components (FEX/IOM, UCSM, FI)
  5. Apply the upgrade to the Blade Components (BMC, CNA, BIOS, ROM, LSI, SAS)
  6. Backout / roll-back the changes if it all goes wrong.

Each of these steps has its own set of actions wrapped up in Standard Technical Procedures (STP). This STP0004 is Step 4 and builds on the User Guide and other helpful docs to provide you a prescriptive, unambiguous and enterprise-operations relative way to get new UCS code from Cisco to UCS.  Updating and activating core UCS components is a multi-step process and the sequence is important to ensure a 100% success rate.

  • Location - You can find this STP0004 on the web at
  • Prerequisites - Before starting this procedure you should have completed steps 1-3 of the "UCS Upgrade Standard Operating Procedure".
  • Resources - To complete this STP you are going to need: 
    • Desktop capable of running UCSM client.
  • Timing - this should take no more than an hour.
  • Acts - the steps to implement this STP:
    • Act 1: Verify Configuration
  • Resources

Act 1: Upgrade the FEX/IOMs

Summary: Update and ready the FEX/IOMs for activation, which is triggered when each FI is activated.

  1. Navigate to UCSM --> Equipment --> Equipment --> Installed Firmware.
  2. Click Activate firmware button.
  3. Select Ignore Compatibility Check and Set Startup Only.
  4. For all FEX/IOMs in all chassis select the new code version in the Startup Version column.
  5. NOTE: at this point there is no interruption to service.  The FEX/IOMs are only reset when each Fabric Interconnect is reset.
  6. When complete, you should see a screen like this:


Act 2: Upgrade UCSM

Summary: Update and activate UCS Manager

  1. Navigate to UCSM --> Equipment --> Equipment --> Installed Firmware.

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