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What are System Event Logs in UCS manager



The system event log (SEL) resides on the CIMC in NVRAM. The System Event Log (SEL) records most server-related events, such as over and under voltage, temperature events, fan events, and events from BIOS to the CIMC buffer. SEL is an effective health monitoring tool and is usually used for troubleshooting purposes. The types of events supported by SEL include BIOS events, memory unit events (ECC errors, address parity, etc), processor events (memory mirroring, parsing, etc) and motherboard events (PCIe, QPI uncorrectable errors, Legacy PCI errors).


SEL Counters


Using SEL counters you can send a list (conf.xml file) of SEL events you care about via the UCS manager. The CIMC would then parse the list, watch for specific events in the SEL and count when they occur. The CIMC would then either send periodically, or send instantly a message back to UCSM indicating how many times the counter for a specific set of SEL events has been hit during the update interval. The collection interval determines the frequency at which UCS manager updates its cached value for Stats property. It also aggregates the current running count. The reporting interval is the frequency at which UCS manager reports External Collector, updates the hysteresis properties and resets the current count.


SEL Backup


The SEL file is approximately 40KB in size and so the events must be backed-up and cleared so that new events get recorded. To backup and clear the SEL you should create a SEL profile in UCS manager and then apply it to the service profile.


UCS Server System Event Log Viewer Utility


UCS Server System Event Log Viewer (SEL Viewer) utility enables you to view all system event logs generated by the server. The SEL Viewer utility includes a graphical user interface (GUI) and a command line interface (CLI). Using this utility, you can view, sort, and filter logs that are generated. In addition, using the GUI, you can even save log file details to a file outside the utility. The logs can be saved in a .csv or .bin file.

For more information refer to

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