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What is UCS manager capability catalog



The UCS manager Capability Catalog is a branch of the UCS manager Information Tree (MIT) containing implementation-specific tunable parameters that can be changed without requiring a reboot or re-install of UCS manager. The capability catalog is a set of tunable parameters, strings, and rules. Cisco UCS Manager uses the catalog to update the display and configurability of components. The catalog is divided by hardware components, such as the chassis, CPU, local disk, and I/O module. You can use the catalog to view the list of providers available for that component.


Components of Capability Catalog


Capability catalog has following components:


a) Implementation-Specific  Tunable Parameters

     Power  and thermal constraints

     Slot  ranges and numbering

     Adaptor capacities


    b) Hardware-Specific Rules
         Firmware  compatibility
         Hardware-specific reboot
      c) User Display Strings
           Part  numbers, such as the CPN, PID/VID
           Component descriptions
           Physical layout/dimensions
           OEM  information
      Capability Catalog update
      As and when required Cisco releases an update to the capability catalog. Capability Catalog updates are included in each Cisco UCS Infrastructure Software Bundle. Unless otherwise instructed by Cisco TAC, you only need to activate the Capability Catalog update after you've downloaded, updated, and activated a Cisco UCS Infrastructure Software Bundle. A Catalog Update is released as a packaged collection of XML files (similar to a firmware image file). Each Cisco UCS manager release contains a baseline catalog. As soon as you download a capability catalog update, UCS manager immediately updates to the new baseline catalog. Updates to the capability catalog do not require to reboot any UCS component or reinstallation of UCS manager. As you update the capability catalog the effects take place immediately. The Catalog is a product with its own versioning scheme, like ucs-catalog. Once you have downloaded the catalog from you can any of the methods (FTP, TFTP, SCP, SFTP) to update the catalog on your device. This is done in the Admin tab under the Capability Catalog node.


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