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Creating Service Profiles on Cisco UCS

This document goes through the steps to create a Service Profile on Cisco UCS.

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What is a Service profile in UCS and what are its types

New Member

Nice presentattion, thank you.



Cisco Employee

Good and to the point, Thanks

New Member

How unfortunate that such an informative video has such horrible video quality. I could not see what was being done at all. With all the resources Cisco has, they couldn't provide better video quality?

New Member

Good presentation. Thank You.

Cisco Employee

Nicely done! I would love for there to be a new version with the changes since this video was released, but it helped me greatly!

Thank you!

New Member

I have to 2 notes:

1. Why do you let non-native speakers trying to explain important topics for all Cisco community? Don't you have any technical stuff that can represent this topic in English ? I have to max the volume to find out what is being said.

2. The quality of video is somewhere mid 90s... are you joking with people or dont care? This is insulting in many ways. Non-professional approach towards all customers/parties, etc.
Obviously no one cares and videos still posted with this low quality and English? language ?