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Nexus 5000 / 2000 software upgrade

(view in My Videos)


This video walks you step by step trough the software upgrade for Nexus 5000 / 2000 series.

New Member

Hi Lucien,

I did the exact upgrade this morning (before watching your video ;-)) and the steps you highlighted wre the spot on. However, since i did not watch this video; once the switch was upgraded it returned to a switch propmt of Switch# instead of the hostname N5K-01. I checked the config and it was all intact and if i enter the command "show vpc" the switch threw an error like "updating config,please wait".

I waited and waited some the end i entered the reload command and the switch came back up as normal. Looking at your video, is this the power seq upgrade warning that you are mentioning and that it requires a physical power down?

If so then I can advise that you can just re-enter the reload command it works just as good...

New Member

I need to do this in my lab where I don't have access to video and can't hear anything above the fan noise.  Is there a hard copy of the instructions to do this?

New Member

Video is not there anymore ..