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Cisco CSR 1000v and General comment on SDN/NFV

Now Cisco has produced this magnificent compute engine, coupled with this equally excellent Data Centre grade switching family both of which seem to be maturing, I am struggling - repeatedly - to convince myself that not only is near complete virtualisation is desirable it is in fact inevitable and I should be making steps towards planning this today.

Can anyone share their experiences with the CSR1000v, the success - failures and recommendation?

If from a cloud providers point of view, they can provide multi-tenanted environments - then from an enterprise point of view why can I not simply leverage this same approach to logical division for my own trusted/semi-trusted/untrusted network segments - why should I not basically put as many services as I possibly can into a virtual environment and provide the bare basics for my own store/transport/compute requirements and present an ethernet hand off to everything else?  Let my carrier deal with the variability in the circuit type, and connect to him with ethernet leaving me with a near completely uniform architecture that simply scales up as I need it?  More horsepower?  New blade, new chassis, new filer, new core? Bolt on, snap off. etc. In the SDN environment is there really a tool that is 'overkill'?  Can it just not be scaled back or up depending on my needs, which are likely to change dependant on my companies business cycles?

Is there any strong arguments against this kind of approach now?

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Is Cisco now building

Is Cisco now building "software instances" that are more service based as opposed to routers?  For instance could the CSR1000v evolve to become the "appliance of the cisco portfolio"?  Should Cisco write software for netflow analysis running on UNIX/ Wintel when they have already written software in the shape of the Master Controller that is already doing this?  If this is the case would they only really need to develop a web front end or XML API that would provide human readable format for the presentation of this data, if not why not use the CSR1000v as a platform for this development?  With PfR, FabricPath/TRILL, and LISP is there a justification for getting maybe a more graphical visibility of traffic flows like or is the intention to leave this for third parties?  

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I have to also say after

I have to also say after looking at the Vyatta router I was really impressed by the use of a centralised web based software repository just like linux and windows.   What a great way of distributing software for a fixes and upgrades by doing effectively a 'apt-get upgrade -y' - I wonder has cisco got any plans to do the same?

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