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Nexus 7k multiple OSPF dedicated neighbor SVIs over peer link?

     Just collapsed an area into an existing 7k environment. The legacy area X had one dedicated SVI ospf relationship over the peer link. After collapsing a new area Y into the 7k infrastructure, I lost peer reachability to connected /30s in Y...makes sense. In order to remediate properly, Im thinking I can turn up a new dedicated /30 SVI on the 7ks and place them in the new area Y. Does anyone see an issue with having two ospf area relationships over the peer link ? Area X and area Y. Also I will need to replicate this two more times, meaning two additional /30 SVIs in new areas, as there are two more areas to collapse. In the end, this would leave 4 ospf neighborships over the vpc peer link in four different areas.

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