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Replacing 140GB HDD in UCS with a 300GB HDD


We have a C210 M2 server using an LSA MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i storage adapter, which hosts 10 HDDs - all of which are 140GB. One of the HDDs have failed and our support company have said that the 140GB HDDs are no longer available, and have sent a 300GB replacement. I have been told by them that this can replace the currently faulty HDD and will "be changed" to meet the current RAID group (reduce the capacity, change spindle speed, etc.)

I am a little wary of doing this, as I have only ever replaced faulty disks in a RAID with like for like. Has anyone had any experience doing this? Any information would be very welcome!

Thanks :)

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I have done it on other

I have done it on other servers before Ibm and ucs with no issue. I haven't done it on this particular model but I don't think you'd have any problems. Either way I'd make sure your backups are up to date.

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Thank you for the replace - I

Thank you for the replace - I will give it a go!


Thanks again :)

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