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Nexus 5K - 2K Jumbo configuration per vlan


We have a network where we have two Nexus 5548 with Fex (2248 and 2232 connected to them). We are trying to enable jumbo frames on specific vlans on those Nexus. The configuration we applied is shown here:


// All the traffic from vlan 200 and 300 is set to qos-group 5

class-map type qos match-any JUMBO_VL_cm_qos

  match cos 0-7

policy-map type qos JUMBO_VL_pm_qos

  class JUMBO_VL_cm_qos

    set qos-group 5

  class class-default 

vlan configuration 200,300

  service-policy type qos input JUMBO_VL_pm_qos

// MTU value of 9216 is allowed for all traffic of qos-group 5

class-map type network-qos JUMBO_cm_nq

  match qos-group 5

policy-map type network-qos JUMBO_pm_nq

  class type network-qos class-fcoe

    pause no-drop

    mtu 2158

  class type network-qos JUMBO_cm_nq

    mtu 9216

  class type network-qos class-default


system qos

  service-policy type queuing input fcoe-default-in-policy

  service-policy type queuing output fcoe-default-out-policy

  service-policy type qos input fcoe-default-in-policy

  service-policy type network-qos JUMBO_pm_nq


When we use this configuration everything works fine if we connect the servers to the N5Ks. But if they are connected to the FEX interfaces jumboframes are not allowed.

We have read the following:


Traffic not queued or prioritized correctly on Nexus 2148, Nexus 2232, and Nexus 2248

After configuring all three types of policy maps (QoS, Network-QoS, and Queuing), the traffic is not queued or prioritized correctly on Nexus 2148, Nexus 2232, and Nexus 2248 switches.

Possible Cause

The Nexus 2148, Nexus 2232, and Nexus 2248 FEX can only support CoS-based traffic classification. The QoS service policy type configured under System QoS is populated from the Nexus 5000 to FEX only when all the matching criteria are match cos. If other match clauses exist, such as match dscp or match ip access-group in the QoS policy map, then the FEX does not accept the service policy. As a result, all the traffic is placed into the default queue.


We are using CoS-based traffic classification. So, are we missing something? Is supported the configuration we want to make?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,