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4310 - Programming the Remote to Switch to Cast

I have been trying to program a remote control to switch the DMP to Cast.

I've read this thread - which I think only applies to the 4400?

It did help some.

Also for anyone else reading this I've found you can point a 4310 DMP to this URL and it will open Cast

Remember the 4310 as of this time does not support HTML

Flash URL= https://DMM.IP.add.ress:8080/etv-flash-webapp/ETV.swf

I am able to use a HTTPS URL to switch the DMP to cast fine.

This is the URL in my case

This switches the DMP to cast in a few seconds in full screen

But the customer would like to use a button on the remote.

Following along with what I've seen for the 4400 I've tried this for my 4310

That equals this without the escaping

ira add 1 sh 1 BLUE bg wget -q "localhost:7777/set_param?ciscocraft.fl_url="

Is this what it should be for a 4310 or should it have

ira add 1 ciscocraft BLUE  something else "localhost:7777/set_param?ciscocraft.fl_url="

Is there any other info on the command syntax to use for programming the remote?

I've got the DMP4310_MIB.PDF but it really doesn't go into enough details.



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