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Anyone having Power Supply Failures with 4305's

For some reason over the last 6-8 weeks I am getting multiple power failures on my 4305DMPs, replacing the power supply/wall plug brings everything right back but I'm wondering if there is a bigger problem.

All DMP's are connected to APC power bars with Surge Protection, and the LCD Screen continues to work fine. The DMP will just quickly flicker both Red and Green Lights, and remain unresponsive. We have tried cleaning teh contacts on the power supply but have had no luck.

I have had to swap 10-12 of them now, these have been working with no issues in the field for over 3 years.

I guess I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, a search on here didn't reveal anything.



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Jason,I look after about 60


I look after about 60 of these 4305 DMPs and have now had to replace the power supply on pretty much all of them. It starts with the network interface failing and reporting off line however it will still play media and eventually the unit fails. 

More annoyingly the replacement unit from the power supply manufacturer has a different pinout size and we are now running a 3rd party power supply and are not having the issues anymore.




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I realize this is a very old

I realize this is a very old topic but we are running into the same issues.

Our power supplies are all dying and while I looked up the specs for the included Phihong power supply, the ones we ordered to replace them do not fit.

The Phihong site lists this adapter as having a barrel connector that is 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID and the power supply itself is 5v 3a.

We ordered several third party replacements to these specs but the actual plugs do not fit.  Is this the same issue you had with the connector size?  I have a suspicion that they may actually be 2.5mm ID but short of ordering another batch of power supplies, I have no easy way to find this out using my department's approved vendors (no connector adapters or universal adapters available).

If you've got relevant info it would be most helpful.


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