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hope to get help with my fios dvr.  it is not properly formatting a 2TB drive.  it appears to have formatted it as 1TB, at most. 

the first question:  can the 435 properly format a 2TB drive as such?  esata iomega pro.

do I have any options with the fios customer?  codes, format config options, something?  NOTE:  I recently moved; previously had a 7216 that properly formatted the drive.  current projection, attached to 435, put the drive at ~125HD hours, but while attached to 7216 over ~300HD hours.  it appears per tivo's latest claim with the 2TB internal, ~300HD hours is about right.  not close with the 435.  why?? 

so, is this a cisco limitation or has fios inexplicably dampened progress, cisco only.

for the record: fios technical support, after 2 hours, had no idea--continued to preach recommended drives; then pushes me off to the car wash folk; my best bet is somewhere else.  they did not get it that the drive works but has not been formatted to its potential, and that my push is to find out why and if I can do something about it not called swap, tivo, or cancel.

imo, if this not a cisco limitation, cisco should find out why fios limiting their boxes.  when dealing with HD storage, the more the better. 

any help, thoughts, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  thanks.


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for those interested given I appear to have stumped this otherwise eager group with what should be childs play for a cisco insider.  the cisco box is inferior.  per fios FINALLY, they would not limit the box format potential, so that narrows it down to unable to address the 2TB.  shame on cisco, box produced <2 years ago. 

updated HD storage is closer to 100HD hours.  pitifiul.

I conclude, however, that I have been communicated so many contradictions by fios with other topics that it is possible someone else would tell me they limit the box.  it no longers matters, case closed.  cisco dvr and fios are bad mix--the cisco is sluggish, flakey, and worse of all, stupid. 

moderator, please close lively discussion; no longer attending.

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