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Cisco DCM D9900 Configuration logic

We have Cisco DCM D9900 .Throught satellate we get channels with frequency ,polirization  and etc.I know   that need fill all channel parametries  in DCM D9900.
I can`t understand where i can configure this parametries,and how i can get IP streaming video.
Do this DCM D 9900 series devices connects to MXE3500  ? How users can capture  this IP streaming video ?
I have read  some guides but didn`t understand anything.
Can someone describe step by step configuration ?

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Hi Emin, First, which cards

Hi Emin,


First, which cards you have installed on DCM (GbE, ASI,DRD....)? If you want to join ip stream to DCM you'll need GbE card. GUI show left input side and right output side, you should right click to GbE card on left side and select settings, than IGMP and define which mcast want to join...


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Hello ,I have DVB-S2 cards in

Hello ,
I have DVB-S2 cards in DCM.
How i can configure them with satellate parameters?
I have channels parameters but i can`t fill them in DVB-S2 card port configuration .

Can you give to me  guide or  example ?

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Hi Emin, the complete

Hi Emin,


the complete configuration guide is available on the DCM. Go to help/manuals on the GUI.

If you have issues during configuration, don t hesitate to open a service request. TAC will assist you.

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Hello Milos,I have configured

Hello Milos,
I have configured DVB-S ports and it shows that locked ,Does it men that after configuring Gbe interfaces i will capture channels ?

Also i stay in stuck because of Gbe interfaces ,I have connected  phisycally cable to Port 1 and Port 2.
But in my DCM it shows that Port 2 and Port 4 Streaming ,does it mean that i have to connect physical cabled to DCM`s Port 2 and Port 4 ,and after it i can capture images from Satellate

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