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Cisco DMM Recovery Partition Error

I have been given a Cisco DMM to implement throughout our campus buildings and I am trying to go through the recovery procedures and when I boot of the recovery DVD. Once I select "YES" on the prompt Overwriting erases all the existing data on the DMM server appliance it gives me an partition error.

Exact error is:

Partition Fail

Could not allocate partition as primary

Not enough space left to create partition for /boot

Any ideas on how to work through this error?

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Cisco DMM Recovery Partition Error


A couple of questions:

* What Software version of DMM are you trying to Recover?

* Which Hardware model type of DMM do you have?

* Do you have a service contract on this DMM appliance?

From the errors, there is an indication this may be a Hardware failure.  You may want to make sure that at bootup the Server BIOS actually sees the hard drives.  Sometimes in moving equipment the raid controller or disks are not seated correctly.  So reseatting them may be the first step if the server is not seeing the drives.

If you have a service contract, this issue may be best address with a TAC case just in case an RMA is needed.



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Cisco DMM Recovery Partition Error

Thanks for replying Thomas. I went ahead and opened a TAC case and was able to get everything restored to factory default. Now time ot figure out how to get everything going.

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