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Cisco TCS and Show n Share recording

Can the TCS integration with SHow n Share be used to record content with a multi party call.


Using one of our EX60’s I was able to get TCS setup to record.

It is working for an individual but when we have two connected and try to call the TCS it will only let us do an audio.

It seems to be a VCS-related issue as once I have 2 end-points joined, the only option to join a 3rd is Audio – regardless if it is the TCS or a test system out on the Internet.


Cisco TCS and Show n Share recording

Yes you can use TCS to record a multi party call.  TCS is just another endpoint in the call.  You will need to have the MCU call out to the TCS recording alais.  What versions of TCS and VCS are you using?


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Cisco TCS and Show n Share recording

Our C40 codecs do not have the multisite license installed so that explains why this is failing when initiating from this codec. We have Edge 95 codec that can successfully complete the 3rd party video call natively. By default it has the multi-site option. That appears to be our limitation here.

EX60's do not have a MCU within the codec and i think would require an MCU on the network if we wanted to initiate a video conference from it. The EX90s do have an MCU within the codec but would require the purchase of an mcu option license to activate.

Please anyone correct me if you see a flaw in my findings!


Cisco TCS and Show n Share recording


Yes you will need either an MCU or multisite enabled to have a multipart call.  Enabling multisite does require an additional license on that device.  Have you tried initiating the call from your Edge 95 as that should work as long as you only have up to three additional parties in the call including the TCS.

Hope this helps.


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