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creating video's for Show and Share

I hope this is the correct forum since it's part of the DMS product.  We have users that need to create video's to be played on our SnS system.  The problem we are having is that our "end users" are at stores with a T1 connection.  The video's on the SnS box tend to be 15-30 minutes.  When the user clicks on the video it's wanting to buffer the entire video which is taking way to long.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what we can do to 1. make the video's as small as possible. 2. increase the ability to play the video before it's fully buffered on the viewing PC. 3. any other recommendations.

I have tried recording a video using my webcam and saving it to my local system via the webcam capture software then send it through our MXE.  I've reduced the file size form 109mg down to about 60mg but that's still really big to push down a T1 along with everything else that is on the T1 to keep our stores operating.

What we have in our DMS system is

Cisco DMM

Cisco SnS

MXE 3000

an off box Content server

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