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I have a DVBS2 cards on which i am receiving the channels perfectly and they are streaming on the network, when i put my laptop and try to pull the stream by VLC the picture seen is perfect but when the appspace server team try to display through the DMP, the pixel are not proper.

so they suggested for the attached recommendation for the video.How i can achieve, and from which tab of DCM i can confiure those settings.





Hello1- Did you need to apply


1- Did you need to apply IPTV on a specific area within Application  designed by Appspace team?.share more details .what is the version of your Appspace application 5.3.0 or what?.

2- What  did you see when you try to diaplay video on Cisco DMP ?.

3- Can you do test , connect your P.C to the same port which connected to your DMP and check if you can see any traffic or not?. If you are unable to see any traffic , so you have to make sure that your Cisco DMP join the multicast traffic?.

4-Can you do one thing , go to Appspcace - content library - add media - external media content

content properities: type name , and description.

Edit -select type video and add the url as the following: udp:// . then save.

After that go to your application drm sign manager - application - and then select an area and add media - select the media which created for ipTV as above , then save .


Note: Cisco DCM by default its ouput is MPEG-2 , if you need to get MPEG4 , you should get transcoreder " Cisco Multi-Format Processing (MFP)".


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Hello Islam,1 not sure will

Hello Islam,

1 not sure will ask the apps space team

2  video is not seen properly all choppy video

3 from laptop when i start streamin on vlc works fine, but on DMP not working

4 sure will do and update

5 Cisco MFP card sits where?? is it inside the DCM BOX ?? or the card is visible easily externally same like DVBS2 ?? and hope it will require license also.


Samuel1-The IPTV work for me


1-The IPTV work for me for many customers using MPEG2 , you have to make sure that IPTV aspect ratio is 16:9 , that is all .

2-I think you have to check your network .

3- For MFP , i have already attached a configuration for MFB.

4-FYI regarding MFB , kindly check the below link.


Note: You can ask Appspace for IPTV application , is perfect solution , but you need a remote control for Cisco DMP to control channels.



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Dear Islam,The issue was the

Dear Islam,

The issue was the bitrate for the stream, when i reduce the bitrate the picture is een clearly, but now i have a another issue the picture is not full screen it is half screen, so how can i set resolution.


Hello1- Is this problem


1- Is this problem regarding only SD channels , or SD and HD?. Kindly check the HD channels .



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Dear islam,Problem is for

Dear islam,

Problem is for both SD and HD.

Do I require a MFP card or co-processor board card in the DCM for resolution of the screen


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Dears,The issue is solved by


The issue is solved by changing the resolution on Appspace and DMP, they both should have the same resolution.


Hi Samuel I hope you are so

Hi Samuel


I hope you are so fine , i think your problem occured on Cisco Edge players 340. I think you got the wrong dimensions for the videos which display on SD. I will do a demo for your issue and i will share with you a feedback , please if you get any feedback , kindly share the solution.



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