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DMM 5.1 - 404 HTTP Error


I am trying to connect to DMM5.1 admin page for the first time and yet getting a 404 error. I am sure I can ping the hostname of the DMM and it matches the same one configure on DMM applicance. I am using the URL  http://<DMM Hostname>:8080 and no luck. I am getting the following error:

Any ideas?

HTTP Status 404 - /dmsadmin/main.jsp

type Status report

message /dmsadmin/main.jsp

description The requested resource (/dmsadmin/main.jsp) is not available.


Cisco Employee

Re: DMM 5.1 - 404 HTTP Error

Sorry for the delay,

  • Please access the DMM and Verify the Server settings (IP & FQDN)
  • One of the Services may be down or not initiated.  Please reboot DMM.
  • After the DMM has restarted, Try to access the DMM again
  • Please provide the entire URL and error message snapshot if the problem continues.
  • Also, provide a snapshot of the SHOW INFO screen from the AAI interface



Cisco Employee

Re: DMM 5.1 - 404 HTTP Error

Glad to see someone else is having this issue.  I've used VMs of the demo 5.1 without a problem, and on several different machines.  Now I'm trying to set up a server from scratch and get the same issue as the previous post.

I know my DNS is working, I can ping the hostname of the server fine, and I can access another DMM that is running as a VM fine, but not this machine.  I have restarted everything and flushed DNS on the computer I am trying to use to http to the DMM (when I had the same IP address for one physical and one virtual DMM, and tried to disconnect one and switch between the two).

I have reloaded a new ISO, one I downloaded and one was downloaded by a coworker, and both do exactly the same thing.  My next step will be to try to download and run the 5.2 ISO.  If that doesn't work, I don't know what to do.

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