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DMM 5.2.2 Intermittent Hangs

We are using DMM 5.2.2, and since the upgrade a couple of weeks ago, I have noticed the system hanging, seemingly at random.  Not all presentations seem to be affected.  The one I'm responsible for has a bar on the bottom of the screen that seems to be unaffected by the problem, but the All Media playlist that covers the rest of the screen will go black, then show a slide, then black, then same slide, and repeats for a few minutes.  This can be as short as 2-3 or as long as 10 minutes.  The black screen is not a missing asset, as it does not show a placeholder icon in the upper left corner.During this time the web GUI for the DMM stops responding, and will sometimes cause the user to have to login again.

My initial thought was the server was getting overloaded with multiple users accessing the DMD and Media Library at the same time to rebuild presentations affected by the upgrade, but that activity should be back to normal levels, and the problem is still happening.  Could it be that presentations designed in version 5.1 are implemented differently in 5.2.2 with the changes in DMD 2.0, causing the DMM to work overtime displaying the legacy presentations?  One campus had to build a new presentation, because the original wouldn't display.  It's this on which I'm basing my hypothesis.

The playlist with the black screen loop consists of assets in the Media Library, hosted on the DMM, and in a playlist created in the Digital Signage tab, which is added to the presentation in an All Media playlist.  All DMPs are 4400G and the system is running version 5.2.2.  During the intial upgrade from 5.1 to 5.2 we ran into a problem where we had to reinstall 5.1 and restore from backup to get the digital signage module working, but everything after that seemed to work well.  I would open a TAC, but I've been having trouble getting my user account linked with our service accounts, and it's been a couple of months with no resolution.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Michael O. Sellers

Program Manager, Multimedia Communications
Marketing & Communications

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