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DMM 5.4 Emergency Message Feature


I have been struggling with the Emergency Message feature to trigger an emergency presentation. To avoid having to create a presentation of any and all potential emergencies, my concept was to display a URL that uses PHP to automatically populate the emergency message from our Emergency Notification System. I have been successful with creating this message and triggering my DMPs using the 'Go to URL' Advanced Task. This successfully directs the DMP to display the URL but does allow for any audio capability since I cannot find any way to embedd an audible alert within the webpage because the DMP does not support Flash audio.

My second option was to create an emergency presentation that would show the URL along with a MP3 audio alert message looping in the background. I then tried creating a deployment package by pre-positioning the emergency presentation on the DMP by using the 'File Transfer to DMP or Server' Advanced Task and then triggering the emergency presentation when needed. This works fine with some URLs but not with one using PHP. With my limited HTML and PHP knowledge, I can only assume that this does not work because the DMP is playing the file directly from the local flash card and not within it's internal browser which would explain why the URl cannot access the web server to pull the PHP content.

Are my assumptions correct? Does anyone know of a better was to use a dynamic URL with audio for an emergency message?



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DMM 5.4 Emergency Message Feature

You should be able to create a swf file with your audio running in the background, and then feed the message into the flash module using an XML source. You can output the data as XML instead of HTML and then have your flash module consume that.


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