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New Member

DMM Alerts

We are not receiving any alerts under the Administration, Alerts tab.

How do we set this up?

Or are we having a problem?

We are running ver 5.2.1


Re: DMM Alerts

Hey James,

The alerts should work on the DMM right out of the box - Atleast the DMP UP/DOWN events without any special configuration.

Couple of sanity checks :-

1) Do you have any DMPs registered with the DMM ? If you do - Make sure the "Centralized Management" section in the DMP Web-GUI is set for DMM's 

    IP address -->Save -->Restart the DMP.

2) Once the DMP shows up as green on the "DMP Manager" section on the DMM. Go ahead and restart the DMP. This should generate an alert with type "DMPUPevent"

3) Make sure the DMM time is set correctly. If the time is incorrect - Set it to proper date/time using the AAI.

4) Is there a firewall between the DMM and DMP ? If there is make sure the port 7777 is open in bi-directional way.

Let me know if this resolves the issue.


Sagar  Dhanrale

New Member

Re: DMM Alerts

We have 64 DMP registered and can control them.

I found the DMM trying to send to a EMAIL that was not working.

Cleared the check boxes.

I now can see alerts if I go to snapshot mode and set a date range.

Under Live Monitor Mode I still do not see the current event.


Re: DMM Alerts


  That behavior is little odd. Can you click on "Administration --> Services" and verify that all the services on the DMM are running ? Also have you tried to reload the appliance ?

Can you verify that the DMM has a correct date/time set ? If the reload does not resolve the issue - I would recommend opening a TAC case so that the sysreport from the DMM can be analysed.

Let me know.

Sagar Dhanrale

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