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DMM and SNS 5.2.3 Upgrade issue

In my existing DMS setup I have a single DMM running 5.2.2 and a Show and Share appliance running 5.2.2.  I'm looking to upgrade to 5.3, so my first step is first to upgrade to 5.2.3.  I have done that.  Here is my issue and where I could use some design suggestions.  My show and share is "rebranded" form my environment as "sharknet" - for our school mascot.  I have an internal DNS domain ( and and external presence (  My Show and Share is configured as and also has a network solutions SSL ( 

I understand from reading through the upgrade guide that in 5.2.3, both appliances have to be in same domain.  So my question is... how or what is best way to do this?  I need to keep my public presence, which by the way, the is resolvable internally to it's internal address.  My appliances sit in my LAN, I do not have a DMZ setup, so my firewall is simply forwarding 80/443 to the show and share box.  Obviously i have an external/public DNS record pointing to my public IP address, which then forwards internally.

Do I change the DMM to the same domain?  Or is there a way to set two domains on the SNS box?

I did go a head and do the upgrade, and not surprisingly, I cannot log into Show and Share (really DMM) with LDAP user accounts, that were working in 5.2.2.  So I will assume it is do to the domain differences. 

I should note that I am unable to log into my DMM with LDAP users either, just superuser.  Not sure if that is related.

Thank you for any help/advise you can give.


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Re:DMM and SNS 5.2.3 Upgrade issue

So I just wanted to post my resolution here. I worked with TAC today, my issue not being able to log into my DMM, it had to do with the wrong DN of my active directory user. We used ADSIEdit to get the correct DN and entered that in. Once done LDAP sync and logging into my DMM worked.

As for the two different domains, I wound up modifying my DNS for the DMM, then using the AAI on the DMM, I changed the hostname to reflect the new domain name. Once done and rebooted, I had to pair the devices again, first SNS with the DMM, using the new hostname and then the DMM with the SNS. Once that was done I was able to log into SNS with my AD accounts.

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