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DMP 4400G Content not showing on Dell 1703FPt Monitor

Hi Everyone,

I have a DMP 4400G DMP connected to a Dell 1703FPt mintor via the HDMI cable (using a HDMI converter on mintor) and the content just does not seem to be showing. 

When i first connected the DMP to the montor the Cisco default screen with the IP showed fine.  The DMP is on the network, i can ping it fine and access it via the browser.  I then needed to change the DMP web account tot the same password to that of the DMM service account (recently changed it) and ever since then content is just not showing on the screen.  I have tried numerous things and also on TVs that have HDMI port, but nothing is working.

Will resetting the DMP to factory settings possibly solve this?  I could do that however if i reset to factory default i may not know which DHCP address it gets as the address may not shwo on the screen if it still is not working.  Any help would be appreciated.



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