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DMP 4400G: ERROR - Unknown exception


I can`t get access to my DMP v5.1 by HTTP.

When I send an action "Status" from DMM v5.1, I always receive the answer: "ERROR: Unknown exception: Read timed out"

I can always do ping to DMP. There is 100% IP connectivity. I turn off and on the power, same problem.

Please, could you tell me what does it mean? Some ideas?  Is it hanged?

I would like to "format" the flash memory and load the image again but I can`t find any procedure to do this. Why? Is it possible?

Thanks in advanced.

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Re: DMP 4400G: ERROR - Unknown exception


Try resetting the DMP back to Factory defaults.

Once this is done successfully, you should be able to access

the DMP with the default passwords and can reconfigure from there.

* Press the Reset button on the back of DMP and hold for about 10 seconds or until you hear the BEEP, your DMP

should reboot and the DMP should be restored to its factory-default settings.

I hope this helps!


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Re: DMP 4400G: ERROR - Unknown exception

Hi Tomas:

Thanks for your reply. After many testings I believe this error occurs because there is a filter in the middle over 7777 port between DMM and DMP.

I see "STATUS" command uses this 7777 port in the DMM message below:



11:01:52 AM


ERROR: Unknown exception: Read timed out

The DMP receives the command, stops the playlist running at this moment and stays "frozen".  I can´t get access by HTTP.

I must turn it off and on in order to recover the control.

Please, could you check or simulate this behaviour in your LAB?

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