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DMP not registering with DMM


Im using a lab setup connecting DMPs through a WAN connection.I can PING the DMP IP Address but the DMP is not registering with DMM.

Sometimes it comes up and again it comes down.

I have attached a screen shot of my DMM applience

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Re: DMP not registering with DMM

I would start by checking the username and password configured on the DMP. Confirm it is the same as configured in the DMM the username is case sensitive.

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Re: DMP not registering with DMM

I am troubleshooting something that sounds very similar.

I am guessing that your DMM and DMP's are on different subnets.  Put a lp

top on teh same subnet as the DMP and try pinging it and/or entering it's web interface.

I am finding that many of mine are up and running then just "disappear", and the issue seems to be them losing their default gateway setting.  Inmost cases, they do come back online after  a half day/day, but not always.  A reboot of the DMP usually seems to help as well.

Again, not sure if this is the same, but it sounds very similar.

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Re: DMP not registering with DMM


I have the same problem.

I want to have the DMM and the DMP in different subnets over a WAN.

The DMPs semm to register, but I cant't display anything and the status changes to failed in 2-3 minutes.

When I restart the DMP again seems to be ok, but when I submit any picture, video... I can't see anything on the tv.

The DMP in the same LAN works properly.

I have nated all the ports to the private ip in the router which is connected to the DMM, and the same in the router connected to the DMP.

I don't see messagges in the syslog of denied packets .

How can I connect DMM and DMP over a WAN?

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