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I have DMM 5.1 with DMP 4400G. I'm trying to make my DPMs play VBR video files from their local flash.

If I point the DMP to play the file from its web interface through the "Play Video File Stored Locally" option all works well.

But when I try to make a presentation from the DMM designer with that video the screens remain blank.

In both situations I point to the video with file:///tmp/ftproot/usb_1/01.mpg

The video codec is h.264, main profile, level 4.0, 1280x720 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio, VBR 2-pass with 2Mb/s target and 12Mb/s max bit-rate.



New Member

Re: DMP VBR Video


Path is correct and your compression looks fine also. Has to be in how you are designing the app. Check the video path in the App. The DMM and DMP are Linux based so make sure you got the address in the correct case and that kind of detail.

C.O. Little

Cisco Employee

Re: DMP VBR Video


If you had access to a Digital Media Manager(DMM) with a

Digital Signage Module(DSM), you could perform the following


* Add the Media content item to the Media Library on the Digital

Media Manager(DMM)-Digital Signage Module(DSM)

* Create a Playlist or Presentation with this Media Content item

* Go to the DMM-DSM, Under the ADVANCED TASKS Tab select the

Application Type "File Transfer to DMP or server"

* Select "Add New Application"

- Select the appropriate Presentation or Playlist

- Press the "Select Application" Button

- Press the "Submit" Button

* Once the "File Transfer to DMP or server" is added, you can run

this Task to copy the content locally to the DMP.

- Go to the DMM-DSM DMP Manager and select the desired DMP

- Under the Actions Drop Down, Select the "File Transfer to DMP or server" Task

you created and Click GO.

- The Files will copy the presentation or playlist information to the selected(s) DMPs.

* The DMM-DSM will GENERATE a "(Go to) URL entry" in the Advanced Tasks.

In order to see the NAME & URL PATH of the "File Transfer..." Task, Go to

the DMM-DSM, Under the ADVANCED TASKS Tab select the Application Type "(Go to) URL entry"

and it will list the NAME "LOCAL--" playlist\presentation name.

- Select "Edit Application"

- Record the LOCAL URL PATH

ie. file:///tmp/ftproot/usb_1/deployment/xTAS-core/api/xml/app/playlist/http_pull_86_start_playlist_85_.htm

* You can RUN this Task LOCALLY using the DMP-Device Manager(DM) or Under the Actions

Drop Down on the DMM-DSM DMP Manager.

Also, Check out:

Showing or Stopping Video Content from a File Stored on Your DMP:

UI Reference: Elements to Play Locally Stored Video:

Follow this process, and then use DMD to create the presentation.

- In the Video Playlist box , select add media

- in the URL Tab, Use the URL this was automatically generated by the DMM-DSM. You can find this in the DMM-DSM --> Digital Media Players --> Advanced Tasks--> GoTo URL.

- Save the new DMD Prezo

- Send new Prezo to DMP from DMM-DSM

This should work fine...



Re: DMP VBR Video

Thanks guys for the comments. I opened a case in TAC and the engineer thinks it's a DNS issue. I will test it on monday and tell you.

Tomas, do you mean that I can deploy the playlist files if they are referenced in it as local to the DMP's flash and not present in the DMM?



Cisco Employee

Re: DMP VBR Video

Yes, You can deploy the playlist or content, etc... to the DMP via the DMM. The DMM creates a GO TO URL for the content located locally on the DMP. You then simply use that URL in the DMD presentation. I tested this and it works fine.

Re: DMP VBR Video

Hello guys! A bit of a late response...

The problem was quite trivial. DHCP and DNS.

In DMM there is a field called Servlet Server Address. It was configured as SOF-DMM-01.

DMPs we're at first configured to use DHCP and all was fine. The Lab was changed to use static addresses and when I got to test VBR video it turned out that it was not playng any video. The problem is that DHCP was giving the DMPs a domain name. Thus they were able to reach the FQDN - When we changed them to static addresses they were trying to reach SOF-DMM-01 , of course, without success. So I changed the Servlet Server Address to the FQDN of the server and everything worked great - VBR and CBR.

Thank you all for the involvement and once agian sorry for the late update.