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DMS 5.2.3 failover configuration issue


I am facing an issue while configuring failover cluster for Cisco DMM 5.2.3.

We are using Cisco DMM-SVR-C210-K9 as the primary DMM server and the failover server is DMM-FA-C210-K9 as the failover server.

We are using switched method for replication interface. As mentioned in the configuration document we have used different subnets for application and replication interface.We have configured the necessary FQDNs in the DNS servers.We also have set NTP also in each servers.

Then we set the Master FQDN in the Cisco DMM Failover server and saved it.

After that we proceeded to primary FQDN and configured it as master.

Then we entered the required values in FQDN field and in Replication Interface field we set the IP Addresses and set the mode as switched.

After that we saved the configuration and activated the cluster.

We observed that after activation was started, We received the following information in the activation status bar mentioned in next line.

"Timeout waiting for node from "secondary FQDN name" ".

After almost 30 minutes, we received the following message " Fatal error in beginning cluster"

When I tried to click save and activate cluster in the failover page of DMM-SVR-C210-K9, I received the information "Activation request already in progress".

After this I am also  not able to log into failover DMM server niether through GUI nor AAI.

When I checked the failover status of primary DMM through AAI remotely , I saw the mode changed from standalone to clustered.I logged in through putty using server IP for this.

Please kindly revert with whatever feedback or solutions you have for this?

Community Member

DMS 5.2.3 failover configuration issue

Also i observer that the server is online and i can ping to the server....

kindly advice for any tips and resolutions.....

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